Meeting with foreign students studying in English

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Meeting with foreign students studying in English


At the Technical University of Košice, almost 13% of the students are from abroad. The second largest group of these students are students from India, who travelled thousands of kilometres to come study at our university.

The Rectorate department Division of Education in collaboration with the Department of Social Sciences prepared a meeting for foreign students studying in English, aiming to point out the differences in cultures, which should help them adapt to European conditions.

The meeting was held at the TUKE University Library on October 25, 2018. Prof. Ing. Ervin Lumnitzer, PhD., the Vice-rector for Education had the introductory speech, and the event was hosted by doc. Ing. Ján Kráľ, PhD., the Vice-dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

We wish the students a successful study at our university and a pleasant stay in Slovakia.

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