Award for technology transfer in Slovakia 2021

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Award for technology transfer in Slovakia 2021


The competition is intended for innovations, technical solutions, and their originators, as well as acts with a beneficial impact in the field of technology transfer in Slovakia, originating exclusively from Slovak public universities, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and departmental research institutes. The competition is held in three categories:

  • innovation,
  • innovator,
  • act in the field of technology transfer.

It is possible to nominate the results of research and development (according to categories) for the competition, the origin of which was reported to the employer in the period from 1. July 2020 to 30. June 2021.

Nominations for the competition can be submitted by:

  • individual researchers from public research institutions,
  • technology transfer centers (or a similar workplace within the institution responsible for the protection and transfer of intellectual property into practice),
  • Technology Transfer Center at CVTI SR (CTTCVTI SR).

Nominations need to be sent by 31. August 2021. Submission takes place electronically via the form published on the NPTT portal, by sending the nomination to the relevant CTT, or directly to the announcer´s e-mail address (the size of the sent e-mail must not exceed 5 MB).

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