Visit of the Swiss Ambassador

On 20 April 2023, the Swiss Ambassador Peter Nelson together with his delegation, the Embassy’s employee Amadeo Gasparini and the Honorary Consul Helena Virčíková, honoured the Technical University of Košice with their visit.

The Ambassador and his delegation were welcomed by the Rector of the Technical University of Košice Prof. Stanislav Kmeť together with the Vice-Rector for Foreign Relations and Mobility Prof. Radovan Hudák, the Vice-Rector for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies Prof. Ivo Petráš and the Bursar of TUKE Associate Prof. Marcel Behúň. The first visit of the Swiss Ambassador to our alma mater was led in a very friendly spirit and especially with his interest of establishing personal contacts.

At the beginning of the meeting the Rector presented our University as well as a city of Košice to the delegation. The Ambassador was interested in the cooperation of TUKE in Switzerland (CERN). A university team of experts deals with the issue. In addition, the team is currently working on the project “Alice Experiment at the LHC at CERN: A study of strongly interacting substance under extreme conditions”. The project solving team consists of Associate Prof. Ján Jadlovský (Team leader), Ing. Slávka Jadlovská (Deputy Team leader) and two researchers/doctoral students Ing. Tomáš Tkáčik and Ing. Milan Tkáčik, who came to present the project to the Ambassador.

Several other significant topics such as Circular Economy, Biodiversity and Science and Research at TUKE were also discussed. Subsequently, the delegation moved to the premises of USP TECHNICOM where specific cooperation with organizations in Switzerland was presented.