Newly Appointed Professors from TUKE

University Highlights

On 13th July 2022, 27 new university professors took over appointment decrees in the fields of habilitation procedure and inaugural procedure (HP and IP) from the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová. Among the newly appointed professors were also members of the academic community of the Technical University in Košice (show more)

Citython in Košice for the First Time


More than 100 young people from eight countries, who are interested in solving problems related to the quality of life in Košice, met in the smart building of the TECHNICOM University Science Park during the first holiday weekend from 1st to 3rd July 2022. Over the course of three days, they looked for creative solutions to support the innovations of the city of Košice. Citython, the three-day international event, is organised every year in three European cities, and this year Košice also took its place of honour. With its multicultural participation and interest from countries such as Nepal, Israel, Ukraine and Germany, it exceeded all expectations. (show more)

General Assembly of the CNIC


On June 1, 2022, a meeting of the General Assembly of the Association of Košice Cluster of New Industry – Cassovia New Industry Cluster (CNIC) took place in the historical auditorium of the UPJŠ Rectorate in Košice. (show more)

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