Switzerland, Summer Academy + 3 Month CAS-Research Program, July-August, 2018

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Switzerland, Summer Academy + 3 Month CAS-Research Program, July-August, 2018


Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD is one of the leading organiser of several successful annual international academic trainings and research programs in Switzerland in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, mediation, leadership, security, intercultural dialogue and human rights. Through these events IPD bring together academicians, state, private and public sector representatives.

  • The main goal of the 10 or 20 days Summer Academy is to strengthen the skills of the representatives from state institutions, business sector, INGOs/NGOs, education institutions, religious organisations, independent mediators and politicians through academic trainings in peacebuilding, mediation, conflict resolution, security, human rights, leadership and intercultural dialogue fields.
  • The main goal of the 3 Month CAS-Research Program is to develop the skills of the researchers via academic trainings, reading materials, Supervisor guidance and closely acquaintance them with relevant Swiss state, public and private Institutions.

Early Bird Application & Payment Deadline: 01 May, 2018
Late Application & Payment Deadline: 01 June, 2018
Venue: Zug, Switzerland

For more information on participation fee, accommodation, experts, topics and etc. essential details please visit the program web site


  1. Mr. Marc Finaud from Switzerland: Class Days in 17 & 18 July, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: The Middle East: Conflict Analysis and Arms Control
    Day 2 Topic: Media, Communication, and Security Policy
  2. Dr. Andrea Marrone from Netherlands: Class Days in 19 & 20 July, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: Public Policy and Justice
    Day 2 Topic: Counter-terrorism, Migration & Human Rights
  3. Ms. Elaine Kassanos from Switzerland: Class Days in 22 & 23 July, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Ethics
    Day 2 Topic: International Relations
  4. Mr. Stefan Ziegler from Switzerland: Class Days in 24 & 25 July, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: Third Party Conflict Resolution: Strategies and Explanations
    Day 2 Topic: Advocacy and Capacity Building


  1. Dr. Markus Weilenman from Switzerland: Class Days in 26 & 27 July, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: International Law and Justice in development politics
    Day 2 Topic: Conflict prevention and management in developing countries
  2. Mr. Christophe Imhoos from Switzerland: Class Days in 28 & 29 July, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: Mediation and Negotiation
    Day 2 Topic: Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Litigation
  3. Ms. Gundhild Hoenig from Switzerland: Class Days in 31 July & 01 August, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: Effective conflict intervention through Conflict-Coaching and Mediation across Cultures
    Day 2 Topic: Diversity and Inclusion - intention and approach across cultures and faiths
  4. Dr. Katarzyna Schubert-Panecka from Germany: Class Days in 02 & 03 August, 2018
    Day 1 Topic: Human Resource Management - organizations and human beings in the digitalized and globalized times
    Day 2 Topic: Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

As part of the summer academy we included also trip to Luzern city and group lunch in Luzern city during the below stated dates:

  • I Trip to Luzern & Lunch: No class day for participants: 21 July, 2018
  • II Trip to Luzern & Lunch: No class day for participants: 30 July, 2018

Scholarship: IPD offers several type of scholarship to minimize the participation fee amount for most needed potential participants from all over the world counties. In this matter to request discounted participation fee amount payment, please write your request briefly via email before or during the application submission period. Unfortunately IPD scholarship program can’t cover all the participation fee amount and international travel expenses.

Video Club of IPD Autumn Training: 29 October - 04 November 2017

Video Club of IPD VII Summer Academy: 11-20 August, 2017

Video Club of IPD VIII Summer Academy: 20-29 August, 2017

We are looking forward to receive your filled application and hope to see you among us during the next summer academy in Switzerland.

Do you want to Contribute for Global Security & Peace Education? If yes please start your Donation.
Beneficiary`s Name: Institut für Frieden und Dialog (IPD)
Account number: 91-577724-2 EUR
IBAN: CH 27 0900 0000 9157 7724 2

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Early Bird Application & Payment Deadline: 20th December 2018
Final Application & Payment Deadline: 15th February 2019


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