UNLP and TUKE See Excellent Opportunities for Mutual Cooperation

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UNLP and TUKE See Excellent Opportunities for Mutual Cooperation


riaditeľ FNLP a rektor TUKE

The awareness of the need for development and modernisation as well as the need to find answers to practical questions and the agreement to connect theoretical knowledge acquired at the university with practical experience and knowledge, resulted in the signing of an agreement on mutual cooperation between the L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice (UNLP) and Technical University of Košice (TUKE). The goal of effective cooperation between UNLP and TUKE is to increase the quality of the activities of both institutions.

The intersection of theory and practice in seemingly different areas has a common denominator – the patient

The results of cooperation in the field of research, development and other creative activities of employees will bring benefits especially to patients, but will also result in joint publishing activities. Both partners plan to participate in scientific projects and in solving various grant schemes in the field of science, research and education. The mutual partnership also opens up opportunities for students, including doctoral students, to participate in research, development and creative activity while processing their final theses (bachelor’s, diploma or dissertation) with the possibility of a free professional internship.

“The Technical University of Košice can offer us very sophisticated applications of artificial intelligence methods, information and communication systems, and with their cooperation we expect the gradual digitization of processes,” says MUDr. Ľuboslav Beňa, PhD., MPH, the Director of UNLP.

UNLP will provide TUKE with specialised advice in occupational medicine

Thanks to UNLP experts in the field of occupational medicine, TUKE will receive very valuable expert advice on threats or harm to health from work, as well as from industrial or other sources of poisoning. “Our specialists will also provide TUKE employees with professional experience in handling various emergency situations, such as the pandemic of the viral disease COVID‑19, and in the field of clinical toxicology in the diagnosis, prevention and assessment of intoxications,” adds the Director of UNLP.

“The Technical University is ready to provide modern technology of biomedical engineering, which we have been developing for a long time. We offer its safe use for diagnostic, implantation and treatment purposes, as well as the application of technology and computer-supported devices for specific conditions of a medical facility,” says Dr. h. c. Prof. h. c. Prof. Ing. Stanislav Kmeť, DrSc., the Rector of the Technical University of Košice.

TUKE architectural projects for the benefit of a key hospital in the East

The university could help the hospital with energy saving projects and also participate in various architectural projects, e.g. the creation of parking spaces in the UNLP campus in Trieda SNP 1.

“We can provide professional consultations and commenting on expert opinions, or expert analyses, reports and proposals for legislative, as well as for professional and strategic documents, especially in the field of infrastructure construction, extending also to its related equipment. I will be happy if our architects, civil engineers and other experts will be able to participate in projects as well as expert work for the benefit of a key hospital in the East of Slovakia,” adds the TUKE Rector Stanislav Kmeť.

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Source: Komunikačný odbor UNLP

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