Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic at a work visit at TUKE

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic at a work visit at TUKE


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, Tomáš Taraba, initiated a constructive academic dialogue with scientists and experts at the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) regarding efficient waste management. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the use of the latest technologies in the waste disposal and waste recovery, which negatively affect the environment and pose a risk to human health.

During the dialogue, the need for a comprehensive approach to waste management solutions was discussed to support a circular economy, minimise the waste landfilling and effectively eliminate toxic environmental burdens. The Deputy Prime Minister emphasised that Slovakia needs to find specific solutions soon and to build additional facilities for the disposal of environmental burdens.

The Rector of TUKE, Peter Mésároš, informed that the scientific community is ready to provide solutions in the field of waste disposal and waste recovery. “The issue requires a cross-sectoral approach, where we can contribute not only through expert data or analyses, but also through specific activities and technical solutions,” added the Rector of TUKE, Peter Mésároš. Experts from TUKE also discussed the possibilities of removing persistent organic pollutants in the Zemplín region.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Tomáš Taraba, said that funds have been budgeted for these activities, and an expert workgroup will be formed, representing scientists and experts from TUKE. The meeting is an essential step towards an effective solution of environmental issues in the field of waste management in Slovakia.

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