Attractive learning at TUKE – opening of a modern laboratory specialized in Internet of Things

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Attractive learning at TUKE – opening of a modern laboratory specialized in Internet of Things


On Friday, October 26, 2018, a modern laboratory, attractive for students and focused on now eminently current field of the Internet of Things, was officially opened at the Department of Computers and Informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University of Košice (KPI FEI TUKE). The laboratory is primarily designed for students of information technology. Considering Slovak conditions, it is an architecturally modern and innovative laboratory technologically equipped to the highest standards, which will serve not only as an attractive education institution focused on the field of Internet of Things, but also for research and development in this field.

“This laboratory is another of the top laboratories opened at TUKE in a short period of time in cooperation with an industrial partner, in this case a major global company AT&T,” stated prof. Ing. Stanislav Kmeť, CSc., the Rector of TUKE, at the opening of the laboratory. “Such cooperation projects with the private sector help make education more attractive and better, to develop innovations and help reduce the outflow of young talented people from the region,” added S. Kmeť.

“During their work at the laboratory, our students will be able to seek new solutions, to design devices which can be connected to the Internet and to make the world even more interconnected than it is now. The basis is a variety of sensors, which students interconnect and through construction sets connect to the Internet, which allows them to, for example, measure the temperature or humidity in the room, or to set optimal lightning,” said doc. Ing. Jaroslav Porubän, PhD., the Head of the Department of Computers and Informatics at which this modern laboratory was created, at the laboratory opening.

The laboratory was built in cooperation of TUKE and the AT&T company, which has a long-term interest in supporting not only the education process itself, but also in creating the conditions for its improvement. “AT&T is keen to work closely with TUKE as a top education institution not only in terms of creating conditions for improving the quality of the learning process but also by direct involvement in its organization in recent years by enabling its experts to participate in the provision of selected parts of the education process. It is our contribution to supporting the creation of conditions for the training of top ICT professionals. And such experts are prepared at TUKE. We are glad, that we can actively participate in this process at a time when the IT sector in Slovakia is struggling with a shortage of IT professionals,” said Gabriel Galgóci, the General Manager of AT&T, at the lab opening.

Contact: doc. Ing. František Jakab, PhD., 0905 715 816

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