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Submitting applications for study at the Technical University of Košicie during the restrictions caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Regarding the situation caused by the spread of coronavirus, we would like to inform you about the application procedure at TUKE:

  1. The application form at TUKE is fully electronic. You can find the login link at
  2. You can attach scanned documents to your application to study at TUKE. We do not require any verification or confirmation of authenticity of documents.
  3. It is also possible to submit your application in the printed form; however, is not recommended at present. Applying online is faster, simpler, and cheaper.
  4. We do not require any evidence of marks and school results from secondary schools. If necessary, you shall be informed later about next steps.
  5. Deadlines for submission of applications as well as other admission requirements are listed on the TUKE website or on the websites of individual faculties ( in the Faculty menu).

More details and other useful information can be found at:

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