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Decisions of the TUKE Rector's Advisory Board meeting on 26 March 2020

Dear students,

As promised, we would like to inform you about some of the decisions of the TUKE Rector´s Advisory Board meeting, which took place in the form of video conference on 26 March 2020. The current difficult situation literally changes from day to day, so it is very difficult to predict further developments in advance. Despite this situation, the members of the Advisory Board have agreed on the following main points:

  • we want our students to be able to successfully complete the academic year 2019/2020, to gain the degree or continuously go on to further studies,
  • we strive to provide the students with education without significantly impairing its quality.

During the meeting, the proposals of faculties were discussed, specific solutions of which are being prepared and will guide the organization of the rest of the academic year in the following way:

  • We will allow the completion of the semester of as many study programs as possible as in the originally set dates. If this will not be possible in terms of the content of the courses, we will postpone the relevant dates.
  • We ask students in the last year of study to work intensively on their final theses. We would be pleased, if the final theses were submitted at the original deadline. If this will not be possible, faculties will extend the deadlines.
  • Foreign students who have gone home and are not able to work on their final theses or take the exams will be addressed individually.
  • Faculties will strongly support both online educational process (already happening) and online support of exams. It is also possible that part of the state examinations and theses defenses will be carried out online. You will be informed about the terms and conditions in due time.
  • The final theses submission and registration procedure has been proposed and is currently being refined. We want to carry out the whole process in such a way that the student´s presence would not be necessary.
  • Individual faculties shall determine their own procedures as they often have their specifics. We will try to coordinate those activities which need a common procedure, e.g. the way of submitting the final theses. You will be informed in detail next week.
  • We ask all TUKE students to be available, to follow their mailboxes (especially their TUKE mailboxes) and to communicate with teachers and final thesis supervisors.

More information will be posted next week.

We ask everyone for patience, proactive approach and mutual co-operation. Together we can handle this difficult situation.

Composed by:
prof. Ing. Ervin Lumnitzer, PhD., Vice-Rector for Education,, 055/602 2120


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