FC Košice and Technical University of Košice joined their forces

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FC Košice and Technical University of Košice joined their forces


On February 15, 2024, the representatives of FC Košice met with the representatives of the Technical University of Košice in the premises of the Košice Football Arena to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation.

“The signing of the Memorandum of mutual cooperation is a formal result of the former cooperation and thus it creates a potential for further cooperation between Kosice FC and Slávia TU. The development of football in Košice, as well as in the whole region of Eastern Slovakia, is among the priorities of the Technical University of Košice. The development of young people is not only about learning and building their individual career, but also about supporting sports activities,” said the Rector of TUKE, prof. Mésároš.

The Rector of TUKE was accompanied by the general manager of FC Košice, Pavol Turczyk: “The signing of today’s memorandum confirms our efforts to unify youth football in the city, but also in the region. We are delighted that the clubs have a positive perception of our project and vision. I believe that we will create the best conditions together for our youth players for their further career development and growth. We appreciate the willingness of the clubs to work together, and the commitment to be a serious partner and sponsor of this outstanding project. We are also pleased that Slávia TU Košice represents one of the largest universities in Slovakia, providing football players with the opportunity for both sport and personal growth in the context of education.”

Thus, the cooperation between FC Košice and Technical University of Košice does not remain merely a formal act of signing a memorandum, but it represents the foundation of a new and promising partnership. It is expected that such symbiosis between sport and education will provide a wide range of opportunities for young people in the field of football, but also in their personal and professional growth.

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