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„The Technical University of Košice is a modern, dynamic educational institution of international character. Our mission is to provide quality university education with high employment rates of graduates on both domestic and international labour market.  

We offer education in unique laboratories, modern methods of teaching, individual approach to students, support for the personal development of talented students, opportunities to participate in carrying out research and development tasks as well as working on industry-related projects during their study. Students can broaden their knowledge and improve skills through taking a range of courses, lectures and other extracurricular activities. They can complete part of their studies abroad choosing from a wide variety of Erasmus programs at prestigious international universities.  

Our students can enjoy a wide range of sports opportunities, cultural and social experiences as well as other after-school activities. We aim to provide you with top-quality education and support comprehensive personal development.

It’s only up to you how you can make the most of it.“

Ervin Lumnitzer
Vice-Rector for Education

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