Identity cards - information for graduating students

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Identity cards - information for graduating students

Information for unsuccessful Bachelors and Masters:

They continue their study and the validity of the cards will be prolonged until September 30, of the respective academic year – they will either go to the contact centre of the UVT or, on the next week, at least 7 days after their state exams, they place their student card on the university terminal, which will set the card validity and student´s discounts (it is needed to check this through the menu on the terminal screen). They continue to be eligible for transport discounts and are transferred to all internal and external systems.

Information for successfully graduated Bachelors who will continue in Master´s level of study:

Students successfully complete their study and cease to be students – during the summer holidays, they are no longer eligible for transport discount and subsidy for food; they only have access to the University Library and can use the discounts provided through CKM SYST without limitations (angular validity stamp, ).

f they want to use their ISIC card for transport during the holidays (i.e. after their Bachelor graduation until their enrolment to the Master´s studies), it is necessary that they place their card on the university terminal (otherwise the card will be invalid). Non-discounted (full) ticket price will be set on their card and they can use the credit on their wallet, or buy a full ticket. On the day of enrolment to the Master´s study, the discount for transport will be re-set to their card after placing the card on the terminal again.

The carriers warn that the certificate of admittance to study is not a proof of being a student and therefore the person is not entitled to transport for a discounted price.

Information for successfully graduated Masters:

For all graduates who will not continue in a PhD study – the ISIC card cannot be used in either internal or added applications (transport) and it is necessary to purchase a carrier card for transport, to which the remaining money from the ISIC card may be transferred.

If the student decides to continue in a PhD study, he or she will continue to use their original ISIC card on the first day of their study but will no longer be eligible for the discount on transport. The use of the card for transport with full ticket price during the summer holidays for future PhD students is handled individually at the UVT.

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