What We Help WIth

Study and study problems

  • support for adaptation to university studies and environment
  • support for coping with the demands of studying, e.g. low academic performance, perceived burden in the exam period, failure to study, repeating a year, loss of motivation, loss of interest in studying, presentation stage fright
  • supporting the reconciliation of the demands of study, personal and professional life
  • advice on effective ways of learning

Personal and family life

  • counselling in solving personal, family and work problems, solving relationship problems
  • counselling when experiencing discrimination on the basis of gender, gender, race, colour, nationality, age and other diversity
  • first-contact counselling when experiencing sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence
  • first contact counselling for substance and non-substance dependence,
  • support for developmental tasks (e.g. transition to adulthood)

Personal development

  • help in finding resources for personal, social and emotional maturation
  • support for the acquisition of interpersonal skills for work and personal life
  • support in recognising one's own potential and the possibilities of fulfilling it in practice

Career orientation

  • supporting the development of career management skills
  • identifying strengths for pursuing a particular career
  • developing the skills needed to pursue a specific career
  • help with preparation for the recruitment process

Sudden crisis situations

  • coping with acute stress and strain situations,
  • coping with unforeseen life events in one's own life (family, personal and work relationships),
  • coping with maladaptive behaviour in crisis situations

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