Within the Erasmus+ programme, there are both EU (Key Action 103) and non-EU (Key Action 107) mobilities for student and staff exchange activities with higher education institutions (HEIs) running. Our university has signed 145 bilateral agreements with HEIs in 21 EU countries (including Turkey and Macedonia) and 9 agreements with HEIs in 5 non-EU countries (Bosna-Herzegovina, Brasil, Egypt, Serbia and USA). In 2015 TUKE has received 41 international students to all of its faculties from Turkey, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Romania and Italy. Erasmus Mundus project Thelxinoe (Erasmus Euro-Oceanian Smart City Network), unique in Slovakia, enabled doctoral and postdoctoral students to study in Australia and New Zealand in the field "smart activities".

TUKE is enlisted in 5 university rankings worldwide: U-Multirank, URAP, SCIMAGO, Webometrics, 4 International Colleges and Universities and working on QS World University Rankings.

TUKE started cooperation with Slovak-Ukrainian Centre of Partnership. It focuses on admitting Ukrainian students as well as participation in commom events such as exhibitions, seminars, etc.


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