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University Science Park Technicom approved

The Technical University of Košice concluded a contract with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, the executive authority for the Operational Programme Research and Development, on granting non-repayable financial support from the EU Structural Funds for the project of University Science Park Technicom (USP Technicom). The Science Park will focus on innovation application of knowledge-based technologies. Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice and the University of Prešov are involved as partners in this project.

Total project budget amounts to 41,735,688.04 EUR, while the required non-repayable funding constitutes 39,648,903.64 EUR and the amount of 2,086,784.40 EUR is the University’s 5% co-financing. The estimated time of the project completion is June 2015.

According to TUKE Rector, Prof. Anton Čižmár, “The strategic goal of our project is to establish USP Technicom as an internationally recognized centre for research and technology transfer. Three specific aims of the project include the following:

1: Organizational and managerial facilitation of the establishment and operation of USP Technicom on the bases of high-quality science management.

2: Building the physical and functional infrastructure of the park as a sophisticated science and technology entity.

3: State-of-the-art applied research and development in the following five selected scientific disciplines:
(I) Information and communication technologies,
(II) Electrical engineering, automation and control systems,
(III) Mechanical engineering,
(IV) Civil engineering (construction, transport, geodesy), and
(V) Environmental engineering (mining, metallurgy, water management) including its social and human dimension.

USP Technicom will be organizationally facilitated by professional science and innovation management, whose main mission will be to effectively support active progress in applied research and development, innovation culture and competitiveness of the involved organizations, including consumer production and services organizations form both public and private sector.

In order to complete the abovementioned mission, targeted applied research will be conducted, supported and stimulated, effective innovation, production and technology transfer based on mutually beneficial cooperation will be facilitated among universities, research institutes and companies on the market. These activities will contribute to the growth of innovation-focused companies by providing the pre-incubatory services related to consequent excubation of spin-off or start-up enterprises and institutions.

The project will be implemented in full compliance with European science, research and innovation policy declared in the Europe 2020 strategy. The project outcomes will contribute to an increased cooperation among research teams on the inter-regional and international level, in accordance with the declared objective of forming the EU as the “Innovation Union”.

The proposed concept of USP Technicom fully conforms to the regional aims and principles declared for the European Innovation Partnership, projected into the regional development policy by means of the Smart Specialization strategy. The project implementation and the concomitant formation of research, development and innovation infrastructure will facilitate the creation of jobs of higher added value.

The project will include the completion of construction of the Technicom building situated in the TUKE campus next to the University Library, as well as building new and enhancing the existing laboratory infrastructure.

The multipurpose Technicom building is designed as an intelligent building that will provide comfortable space equipped with relevant information and communication infrastructure for starting high-tech companies and high-performance sophisticated teams created by the interconnection of professionals and students from academy and industries.”



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